School of Styling

School of Styling, the fashion school for style visionaries is a truly modern styling institute, that tailors learning in accordance with the interests and needs of each student who is enthusiastic about fashion styling. Through innovative practical approach across all channels of learning, the School of Styling operates with a goal to nurture budding and already existing styling careers to create a movement of skilled style professionals, from Africa to the world.

The School of Styling gives recognized top level directives getting her students prepared and ready to begin their careers as brilliant stylists, going on to use their talents in various facets of the fashion and creative industries to employ their skill in areas including but not limited to editorial features, advertising campaigns, brand image and social media and visual merchandising, as well as creating new avenues to employ their acquired and developed skill.

With mentorship and under the tutelage of the best in the fashion styling business, we expect and work hard to ensure all enrolled students blossom, excel- and above all develop the freedom to practice their own original ideas – to become sought-after stylists in their own rights. Employing industry experience in guiding a stylist’s dream, we foster every student’s distinctive style nature, educating them on how to challenge set patterns and define the future of fashion, unveiling the evolution of fashion and style industries one style graduate per time.

Why choose School of Styling?   Our teaching methods takes cognizance of the importance of profitability in talent, skill and business; hence the School of Styling informs her students on how to be business-savvy professionals in the competitive industry of fashion and styling.