5 Frequently Asked Questions

Are the educators of the School of Styling professional stylists?

Yes. School of Styling takes into consideration the need for practical tutoring based on experience and professional ability hence the faculty is comprised of practicing stylists. The educators have garnered experience in every aspect of styling in the fashion industry and will employ their knowledge in guiding students in developing their own style skill.


Will there be a certification at the end of the course?

Yes. As with all forms of structured learning, there will be procedures to test your level of understanding through mini-projects, tasks, and practical assessments. At the end of the course run, a certification will be presented to every student.

Does School of Styling offer private lessons?

No. School of Styling does not offer private classes but takes the time to understand the needs of each student as regarding learning patterns.


Does School of Styling assist her graduate stylists in securing styling jobs at the end of the programme?

No. We encourage our students to be the best they can while preparing them for the fashion industry; but School of Styling is not an agency and will not be involved in securing jobs for graduate stylists. We guide our students to create a signature for themselves to become sought-after stylists in their own rights.


Will school of styling be granting scholarship?

Not yet.